On Hiatus

I recently posted a thread on Twitter announcing that I am putting this blog on hiatus. My reasoning is this:

I don’t have time to write. If I don’t have time to write poetry or work on my fiction book, then I sure as hell don’t have time to be blogging. I have to finish the first draft of this novel or else it’s going to go nowhere. It’ll never be published. I have to get my poetry and short works to a place where I feel comfortable submitting.  I don’t even have time now, as it is, to read for pleasure.

Going on hiatus here is essentially giving myself permission not to feel guilty that this site lies dormant. I officially give myself permission to ignore this blog so that it is one less thing on my plate. It’s a promise to myself. When I can manage to carve out time, it will be spent writing the first draft of my novel. And straying from this will only be in the form of other creative works, like poetry.

I am still on twitter @_TheWordyWolf. I am more active on Instagram @_TheWordyWolf where I do manage to microblog and post short book reviews. Follow me there and you can find out when to join me again here someday.

Blog subscriptions and comments will still be viewed/monitored.

Thanks for understanding friends!


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