Book Review: Warbringer

Wonder Woman: Warbringer

3/5 Stars

I was wary of reading this book because, well, I suppose I find it difficult to consume a character in a different media than I am used to. Because I am not a comic reader, I have only seen Wonder Woman on screens and was thus afraid of the author’s inability to portray her correctly. I was afraid that there would not be enough substance to fill an entire novel. But I saw that the book was being met with excitement and anticipation so I took the chance.

I enjoyed it. The Wonder Woman and warbringer lore were all new to me and fascinating. I was interested enough in the plot to keep reading. Once through the middle, you will find yourself flying through till the end. It was jam-packed with fight scenes and surprises, like a really good action movie. I liked the characters enough to care whether they lived or died but mostly I kept reading because of a “what next?” compulsion.

In the end though, the book is ALL plot and I was glad I had borrowed it from the library. Kudos to the author though, for including many POC characters and keeping faithful to Wonder Woman’s feminism. That’s nothing to frown at.


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