July Check-In

The reason why I get nothing done

When I started this new blog, I promised myself that I wouldn’t give up on it. No matter how long I went without posting, I wouldn’t delete and would keep my domain. Because someday, I might reach 100 followers. Because someday I might have an actual readership.

Anyway, here I am again after two months. I wasn’t trying not to post, mostly I just forgot to write over here.  Life is busy for writers without kids and with my feral daughter, life is chaotic. I don’t want to wish away her toddler years, but a part of me looks forward to pre-school and the couple of hours a week I might have to myself to write or read (or nap or clean my house) without her miniature fingers pulling my Mac off my lap. I also pursued the search for a chronic pain diagnosis with renewed vigor and the experience lends itself to intense disappointment and lots of time traveling and sitting in doctors’ offices and waiting (oh the waiting) for test results. Let alone the couple of tragedies that befell my life.

So I suppose I won’t be too hard on myself.

If you’re just tuning in, my resolution for the new year was literally just to read and write more so I have taken to my blog to keep track.

reading: I did in fact get more reading done which makes me happy. I read Rupi Kaur’s Milk and Honey as well as A Darker Shade of Magic and am currently half-way through the second book in a YA saga called The Dream Thieves.

poetry: Wrote an entire poem. Fiddled with a couple of others. Gathered some ideas.

short fiction: Honestly, I give up.

the novel: word count, 6724. Pathetic for the year but ok considering what little time I spent at the computer.


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