book-1558780-640x480This week I was given a new lease on motivation for writing.

A friend shared this article on Upworthy and because it was about Harry Potter, I read it. I cried. I never cry at articles or movies or commercials. The article is about two parent’s trying to survive their premature daughter’s stay in the NICU. The father started reading Harry Potter to her and her vitals improved so they didn’t stop. The mother talks about how the book series saved them, saved her daughter, saved her family. It’s more than wizards and witches. It’s a story about good triumphing over evil and about the real magic in the world.

I know re-reading the series helped me through a difficult several months of depression.

The article filled my chest with hope and purpose. Because books are important.

The above article was a really dramatic example of this.  Books can save lives. They can soothe depression. They can motivate. They can teach. Most importantly, at the smallest level, they change people’s lives.

Just think about the novel you are working on right now. Your words will be important to someone someday. If we are honest here, they will more than likely not save an infant’s life in the NICU but you never know who needs your words. Who needs your lessons. Who needs to feel less alone. And it doesn’t matter if what they need is underneath a thick layer of gore or sex. What you are writing does matter and it will matter.

Carry on,


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