jesssita-72dpi-1500x2000.jpgWith Teeth is a YA novella about a girl named Bryn who was born to be a werewolf but has never shifted to her four-legged form.

I finished writing this a couple of years ago after more years of daydreaming and brainstorming and sketching. I self-published, but have since removed the title from Amazon. You can read more about my reasoning here. It was and still is my first Book Baby and I am proud of what I accomplished. Someday, I may edit a second, longer version and seek a publisher, but for now I thought I would offer the first edition to my readers, here on my blog. I’ll be posting in installments, the frequency of which I have yet to decide. It’s reception/popularity may be a determining factor.  The chapters are short and it’s a fast read.

Stop by next Friday, February tenth, to read the first chapter!


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