2017 Goals: January Check-in


So I expanded upon my New Year’s “resolutions”  by getting slightly more specific. I’m apart of a community of writers who are encouraging each other by offering a 100 Rejections in a Year Challenge. I think the basis of which is to just get your material out there as well as offer solidarity because we all get rejected. I wanted to participate but I realized that I have no material. None. So, I have expanded upon my goals and have made 2017 the year of content creation while 2018 will be the year of submissions.

So how am I doing this first month?

I’ve written one and 3/4 of two poems that I am pretty happy with. The one still needs an ending. I also am allowing myself to edit throughout the year as poetry is a constant process of nit picking to me. Anyway, with two poems a month, I would end up with approximately 24 pieces to submit and that honestly seems like a good chunk of material.

I’d like to have six short works ready as well but those seem harder for me lately. I don’t even have the spark of an idea to work from. I’m hoping my increase in writing in general will generate some inspiration. So this one is kind of a fail for this month.

And now we come to my novel. Last week, I had several days of frustration and melancholy because I looked at my word count. It was sad, folks. I admit to being a slow writer but this made me feel defeated. I have since devised a simple plan of action. I’m dragging my laptop everywhere. And I mean everywhere. At the time of writing this post, day one of my venture has proved fruitful. Go me.


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