How to Find Novels for a Book Club

books-2-1422196-639x894I’ve been running the book club for my mommy group for about a year now so I think I am entirely qualified to talk about this. There really aren’t enough blog posts or articles on the subject. I could find some recommended novels and some questions to run a meeting but no one talks about how potentially hard it can be.

To make things easier on yourself, you should run a book club where the membership has at least one narrow thing in common whether it be age, education level, or taste. Being a mother is entirely too broad. My group ranges along the entire spectrum of age, education, religion, socio economics, background, values, politics … you name it. We are all women and we are all mothers but our differences has made selecting a novel to fit everyone, an exhaustive task.

So if your book club is as diverse as mine, you’re going to have to find ways to limit the store of books that your members can choose from.

The first thing I suggest is to have your club vote on what they are going to read that month. Don’t give them too many choices. I go with three and attempt to pick three books that are pretty different. Your club then reads the majority. If they end up disliking the novel, they can barely blame you.

Now we are faced with how you, the Fearless Leader of your local book club, will find three choices for the group to vote on. Here are some ways to limit your Google searches:

Limit length. At one point, I could only look at books under 300 pages. We are busy people and although we do take two months for one selection in my club, certain times of the year can still make finishing a novel cumbersome. You can also do the opposite. Pick only from long novels. Say you won’t read anything under 600 pages.

Choose from the classics. It’s a fairly long list with numerous different types of books.

Choose only from one long list. For example, something like “100 Books That Changed the World.”

Limit to new releases from a chosen year.

Can you guess my key word here? Limitation. Pick a theme and go from there. This year, I’ve decided to take only from books that will become movies in 2017 or already are movies from 2016.


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