The False Princess: a Review



The False Princess by Eilis O’Neal
YA Fantasy

🐾🐾🐾 3/5 Paws

I picked up this novel because I was attending the Nimrod Writer’s Conference in Tulsa and Ms. O’Neal is the Editor-In-Chief of their literary magazine. I usually try to pick up a writer’s book if I am attending their session and if the novel is of any interest to me. I see it as a sign of respect and also it gives me better insight into what they have to say.

I liked this book. It was written well and had plenty of action and a couple of surprises, but honestly I found it kind of boring. I would have put it aside if it wasn’t for a pretty good climax. The entire world just felt generic. I could have been in any semi-medieval, magical setting. It didn’t have any character. No uniqueness. And so, as pleasant as I found the protagonist, I was just bored with her journey.


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