Here Come the Grammar Police


I like to tease my friends about being the head of the grammar police. I’m the secretary for my mom group so it is in fact my duty to create and edit the newsletter. I have a Master’s in English so what else am I good for?

Honestly though, I don’t like being a nazi about it.

Although the English language always clicked with me, it is admittedly one of the harder tongues to learn. Sometimes people can’t wrap their head around the grammar. “Your” and “you’re” makes perfect sense to me, but you know what doesn’t? Fractions. Start throwing numbers around in a conversation and I completely zone out. However for some people, the logic of numbers is perfectly easy.

So being a nazi about grammar to my friends on social media is exactly like someone teasing me for not being able to balance my checkbook (eff that shiz).

But you want to know when I do rant and rave about a misplaced apostrophe? When businesses do it. Advertisements, billboards, internet pages, etc. You’re a business. You can pay someone to get that shit correct. There are a million underused English majors out there so hire one and stop looking like an idiot.


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