Thoughts on the Eighth Story


I’m a die-hard Potter fan, y’all. In fact, I am the Designated Harry Potter Person in my circle of friends. I am so thrilled that new things are happening in Rowling’s world. I didn’t manage to go to a midnight premiere of “The Cursed Child” because I’m old and tired, but I did pick up and finish it recently.

I’ve heard that a lot of people are kind of disappointed with it. The first thing I want people to think about is: there are two other author names on the front cover besides Rowling.  There is no way it would have felt/sounded/read the same as the other seven books. I am also positive that the format is throwing everyone off. Harry Potter brought reading the masses again–to people who never considered themselves as bookish. That’s great. That’s amazing! But it also mean that it may be the first time a lot of people have picked up a play to read for pleasure. Reading a script is an entirely different animal than a novel.

Just two things I was thinking that critics might want to keep in mind.

I personally, loved Scorpius. I cringed a little at Albus’s angst and Harry’s sentimentality. But, if I stopped to think about what it would be like as the famous Potter’s teenage son, I admit that the angst was well-founded.

I’m excited to see (someday) how the script translates to live theater.



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