Teaching Body Autonomy


Last week, a friend asked me a harmless question: was I planning on piercing my baby’s ears?

It was interesting because I had just been thinking about this topic. I think that older babies with pierced ears are adorable. I remember the pain of piercing an earlobe is minimal.

But I won’t do it to her.

Here’s the thing about pain, it’s different for everyone. What I can survive, you may not be able to. I don’t personally feel comfortable inflicting any level of pain on her for cosmetic reasons.

But, look, it goes beyond that. I’m not going to permanently alter her body without her permission. She is too young give permission now, I know. She can’t even speak. And piercing her ears is such a small thing.

But life is made up of small things.

With the way the world is treating sexual assault, rape, and consent I want her to believe that she has complete control over what she does with her body. Over who does what to her body.

I want her to decide what makes her feel beautiful. And if she decides that piercing her ears will make her feel beautiful, then I will take her someday.


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