A Rant on Body Positivity


I went through a lot of weird (and horrible) things while I was pregnant. One of the weirdest was that I became fiercely body positive.

Who does that when they’re pregnant?!

Sure, there are a good number of women who don’t hate their bodies while they’re carrying a baby, but most of us feel awkward and large and often utter the word “fat.” I’m not saying I didn’t feel like a bumbling mess. I’m saying I decided to change my dialogue. I made a conscious decision to change how I spoke about my body and other’s. It started to change the way I thought and felt about my appearance too.

Why is it so easy to forget that beauty standards change across history? They change across continents. Photoshop is a magical program. It’s insane to think you are unattractive because you don’t measure up to the current trend.

Fuck standards. Fuck the number on the tag in my jeans.

I’m plus-size. I’m fat ok? I’m also attractive and cute and beautiful.

No, I’m not very healthy because of all sorts of factors. I should eat more vegetables and fruits. I should be more active. It’s good for my insides! And if I lose weight being healthier, bully for me! It doesn’t mean I will be happier. It doesn’t make me prettier. And I refuse to starve myself with crappy diet fads for a thigh gap. (Did you know “detoxing” in the context of a diet is utter crap? Science.)

Finding out I was having a girl absolutely snow-balled this change of heart. She will listen. She will watch. She will learn from me. I will love myself. And if I’m having a shit day, I might mumble to my husband that I am feeling gross but I will absolutely not grab my stretch mark streaked stomach flab and say “look how ugly I am!”

You’re beautiful, okay? Own it.


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