Write Through It

I can tell you how to write through most everything.

I can tell you how to make time to write as a graduate student with two jobs. I can give you tips for writing through anxiety and/or depression. I can offer suggestions, even, for how to write with a newborn baby. I may not always take my own advice, but if you want to finish that book/poem/essay it just takes willpower and something to make marks on.

I cannot however, tell you how to write through physical pain.

I guess that’s my breaking point. Throw all the emotional turmoil that you want at me and I can still squeeze out five hundred words a day.  Scribbling down my thoughts, no matter how incoherent, is therapeutic.  It is not therapeutic or affective or even possible half the time to write through intense physical pain.

So this is where I am at right now. I have carpal tunnel syndrome in both hands (the symptoms of which extend into my shoulders).  I am having generalized pain, focused in my SI joint from misalignment in my hips and spine.  I was actually worried that I had developed rheumatoid arthritis. It’s exhausting.  It’s debilitating.

I am getting help from three different medical professionals and it’s finally working, however slowly.  But there are days where I wish someone would just cut off my hands so I could just learn to type with my toes.



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