Blogging Identity

The other day on Twitter I noticed that someone had added me to a list called “Mom Blogs.”My knee jerk reaction was to be upset.

When I write about pregnancy or motherhood, I actually do worry that I will be lumped among this trend. It bothers me because I try not to market myself this way. It bothers me because these blogs can be seen as frivolous and fluff.  It bothers me because that’s not all there is to my identity.

I set out this for this site to be where I could express myself. Simple as that. I wanted it to be a place where I could showcase some of my fiction talents, where I could share my love of reading, where I could offer advice or support on a number of topics, and where I hoped to share experiences that were universally human.  I suppose I hoped that my blog would not be so easily labeled.

But here’s the thing. Labels are useful.  Perhaps this person follows along simply for my experiences as a mother. That doesn’t mean someone else is not following along simply for my poetry.  And there is nothing wrong with “Mom Blogs.” I keep up with several intelligent and funny sites myself.

Being a mom is a  large part of my identity now. It is a part of me that I love.  So I appreciate that you, dear reader, love it too.


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