For the Person Entering High School

My senior portrait.

A teacher friend recently asked on Facebook what advice we would give to her high school seniors about college, life beyond, etc.  It got me thinking. What would I say? What am I going to tell my daughter when she is a freshman, entering a period of her life that was very hard on me? What would I say to my younger self?

High school social warfare is bullshit. Those types of cliques do not exist in the real world.  You can  be friends with people who dress differently than you, who listen to different music. You will discover later that people you hated or were unsure of in high school are actually awesome.  Rise above the petty.  Be kind, too. I have discovered no greater truth than the one that every person is battling a war you cannot see.

Don’t go to college for a boy. That is to say, don’t limit yourself to one college choice because that is where your boyfriend has decided to go. I was lucky in that I happened to pick a school that was great for my chosen discipline. I should have taken a scholarship. I could have expanded my horizons–lived in a different state, gone to an even better school.  Just know, as much as it huts, high school sweethearts hardly ever make it.

Follow your dreams, but also maybe double major in something that can make you money after college. The world needs creative types–artists, writers, dreamers.  But also, you need groceries.  So please, please major in creative writing while simultaneously getting certified as a vet tech or something similar. I’m not saying that finding a job is ever easy. I’m just saying that you might want to be able to pay your own rent.





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