I have Traversed this Experience Before

The prompt was to rewrite a famous poem, giving it your own spin. I used ee cummings “somewhere i have never travelled,gladly beyond”

I have Traversed this Experience Before

I have traversed this experience before. As such
I am weary. A weary traveler of silent eyes.
Let them speak.  Let your eyes reflect the rough
gestures of your calloused hands.

Eyes that shimmer with an old soul and hands
that are honest with life—those I will let pry
at the bars surrounding my heart.
But, listen, I am no rose.

Or if your wish is to let me be,
I will slam the door, reinforce the bars
and hide the key. Perhaps forever.
I learned not to give second chances.

You and I are not fragile things. Born
up in a world that would… that has,
torn from us our petals.  Your eyes are brave
but forever and death are mine for the taking.

(I am the bitterest fool for trusting you. My
heart vibrates its cage and my head tells
my lungs to Just. Breathe.)  If I were a rose,
I’d warn you of my thorns.


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