Self Care for Depression

Sometimes self care looks like alternating sleeping, crying and staring at the wall for 24 hours. You retreat from a world that has become too much and sink into your depression. And that’s ok.

For a day. Or two. It’s going to make you feel even more awful if you carry on in that fashion. But I know how hard it is to do anything when you are that black. But self care means taking care of yourself. So do one thing. One single thing for a few days and see if you can’t increase that to two and so on.

*Brush your teeth.
*Wash your face.
*Take a bath.
*Take a shower (wash your hair).
*change your underwear and/or socks.
*get dressed in something fit for at least Walmart.
*Eat something. Or eat less
if you have been binging.
*Walk to the end of your street and back.
*Call/text your friend or family member back.

Obviously this is not an exhaustive list. Some are smaller than others but it might depend on the day as to what you are up for. Those are for severe depression. For mild-moderate depression you might try a Self Care Box.

This is just a container (box, bag, basket) that holds several items that have meaning to you. That lift your spirits. That ground you. Some things to think about including:

*a stuffed animal large enough to hug
*a trinket small enough to hold. To take with you if you have to leave the house.
*your favorite scent. Candle, wax melt, perfume, etc
*photos of epic events from your life
*a blanket, super soft
*something sensory (a ridiculously soft blanket counts or a stress ball, etc)
*a list of affirmations
*a small journal and a pen
*a small sketchbook and a pencil
*something spiritual (if it suits you. A rosary, a cross, a Buddha, etc)

Things to grab that you cannot really put in your box.

*pet of your choice
*noise machine or app
*bathtub (although you could put special bubble bath in your box)
*best human friend
*a bit of your favorite food (If you are an emotional eater, you might skip this.)

So tell me, what is in your box?

Disclaimer: I do not have a degree in psychology or psychiatry. These are just things that have worked for me although, yes, some of them have come from doctors.


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