Social Media Road Rage

This is a viral image. No idea who owns it. Shoot me a message if you know.

I have a love/hate relationship with social media. Not the internet; I think the internet is glorious. But social media. I have some rage issues and here’s why.

Look, I take selfies too. I’m talking about excessive selfies. I don’t mind if you are trying to booster your self-love or you feel amazing that day, go ahead and take a million photos of your face. However why do people feel the need to post every. Single. Picture. And it’s the same picture, only your facial expression has changed a little. Why? Whyyyyyyyy. And not only are you posting every outtake, you are posting different selfie sessions at least three times a week. I’m pretty sure psychologists are linking this to narcissism. Stop.

And don’t even ask about Duck Face.

Oh, so you never cook, or you are eating something super interesting/unique, or you are in a foreign country/expensive restaurant. Take a picture of that plate, my friend. However. Nobody gives a damn about your McDonald’s cheeseburger unless you found a severed finger in it. And nobody especially gives a damn about every. Single. Item of food you consumed today. I believe psychologists are linking this with eating disorders. Stop.

If you are a food account, a specifically food account, continue your business. It’s my own fault for following you.

*Selling your fad diet.
I don’t care if you use or sell these fad diet programs on your own time. None of my business. I DO care that you use your personal Facebook to try to get the rest of your friends to drink the koolaid. Set up a group or a page and stop talking about kale smoothies and how you lost five pounds for your “honey” in a day. Also, unless you are discussing coming off of meth, stop using the word “detox.”

And that  my friends, should alienate a bunch of people. Swing and a win.

Now, to balance everything out, I plan to write a post about why I love social media.


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