Blogging for the Busy


My babe is about three and a half months old now. I stay at home but I still find myself with very little time. So how the hell do I keep up with a blog?

Here are some tips for the busy blogger.

*Keep your posts short.
I used to worry about the length of blog entries but now I have a new philosophy: short and sweet. We are busy. You don’t have time to write and your readers don’t have a lot of time to read. It’s win-win.

*Use the App.
If your blogging service has an app, use it. Most of my posts are typed on my phone. Yes, my phone. Any time you can catch a break, whip out an entry.

*Keep a running list of topics.
I keep a list of topics and/or blog post titles in the notes section of, you guessed it, my phone. This helps when I am blocked and also when I don’t have time to write a full entry. Save the idea, use it later.

*Schedule your posts in advance.
It is possible to kill a blog by not posting. I know. I’ve done it. So, write when you can and if you happen to be able to write a lot, set up the posts so that they publish later in the month. Your momentum will keep going even if you are physically passed out on the couch for a month.


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