Channillo, a Place to Publish

I wanted to introduce my fellow readers and writers to a new website called Channillo.

It is a way for indie authors to self publish their work in a serialized form.  Back before I dropped off the face of the blogosphere, serialized novels/anthologies/chapbooks were on the rise in popularity. This might be a chance to get in on the ground floor of something, so I have decided to put With Teeth on Channillo.

Starting today, you can read my YA novella a chapter a week when you join the site and subscribe to it.  It is only five dollars a month to read up to ten series (the very basic of subscriptions).  Here is my author page to get you started.

For writers, you also have to spend five dollars a month for a basic subscription in order to put up your work (also you have to submit a proposal and have the project approved). But I think it is a good idea to support your fellows.  AND you have the opportunity to make money on Channillo.  That’s right. You get paid.

You get paid by subscription. Now because I abhor math, I haven’t, well, done the math. You probably will not be able to support yourself from Channillo earnings, however if you are like me, you are not in this business to make money. Yes, I’d like to be the next  JK Rowling. Yes, it would be nice to help my family with finances.  However, I go into this not expecting to make much.  And the money has very little to do with how happy writing makes me.

ANYHOODLE. Join me, writers and readers. Subscribe to With Teeth. Read and publish to your hearts’ content.


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