My History with Words

Aka I’m answering the question of “why the fuck would you listen to me (some random chick on the internet).”


I have been writing since I could string words together into coherent sentences. I remember stapling notebook paper together and making stories about a family of horses, which I also illustrated.

In elementary school, I participated in UIL competitions (school-based contests in Texas). I won ribbons for my writing. Out of hundreds of students.

In the sixth grade, I went home one night from school and wrote my first poem (with zero training besides public elementary school). I showed it to my English teacher and she decided I was brilliant. She took me to meet the instructor of the Creative Writing class that was only offered to eighth graders. They were waiting for me when I got there. I won state-wide writing contests for poetry and short stories.

I have storage bins full of the notebooks and journals I filled with my fiction.

When it was time to go to college, I fought my parents for what they thought was a fairly useless major. I went to the University of Arkansas which has one of the best programs for creative writing. I earned my BA.

I went on to earn my MA in the same subject: English with a Creative Writing emphasis. While in graduate school, I taught Comp I and Creative Writing I with the guidance of seasoned professors.

I have self publishing experience (with Lulu and Createspace). Editor experience. And I hope to one day have more traditional publishing experience.

I guess you could say, this is my resume. These are my bragging rights. This is me declaring that I know what the fuck I am doing even when I don’t know what the fuck I am doing.


One thought on “My History with Words

  1. That is certainly an interesting pedigree, you are very fortunate to have had people who took you under their wings and worked with you. Remember these blessings in your life and don’t forget to thank your teachers and proffessors, they need the encouragement just like you still do. Best of luck on your writing, may it be filled with meaning and a love for life. Keep writing!


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