Anxiety and Exercise

I find it nearly impossible to exercise unless I am on the back of a horse.

Which is problematic. Harder to lose weight or keep it off. Plus, it’s just a good idea for your heart. It’s also pretty affective for emotional health as well. I’ve felt that endorphin rush. But it has never been enough to conquer my anxieties.

Group fitness class? Have you ever heard of social anxiety? The irrational fear that everyone in the room gives a bunch of fucks about you in particular and are judging you harshly. I am plus size and I suck at anything physical (coordination, flexibility, etc). So even as much as I am body positive right now, I can’t stop the running dialogue in my head. Jesus, that girl can’t even balance in downward dog.

Exercise by myself. Ok. But where? Take a walk in the neighborhood? Agoraphobia AND social anxiety. People are obviously staring at me instead of the road. Exercise indoors? With what, a dvd? Ha.

But the single, biggest obstacle between me and exercise? Sweating. I hate to sweat. I don’t smell particularly bad or anything. It is literally the sensation of sweat on my skin. Like nails on a chalkboard for my body.

And I can’t seem to find any information about this particular dysfunction. Googling “hate to sweat” doesn’t bring up anything about having sensory issues with it.

So I’m wondering if anyone out there can relate?


One thought on “Anxiety and Exercise

  1. Anxiety is rough, and while I don’t relate with the hate of sweating, I can relate to the social anxiety. Maybe you could invest in a stationary bike and put it in the living room with a tv and stuff like that and instead of sitting on a couch to watch, you could sit there and peddle slowly. This could get you some more activity without working up a big sweat. If you wanted to peddle harder, maybe put a big fan near by to keep you cool. 🙂


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