I Am Jessica Sita


Because I have decided to write under my real name, I think it’s time to reveal who I was.

I used to write under the name “Jessica Sita.”

You might have figured that out. It wasn’t exactly hard. It was just meant to provide distance. And when I found out that I was essentially being cyber stalked by some abusive people from my past, I shut down emotionally. I had a website, facebook profile, twitter, LinkedIn. I abandoned all of it (I should really delete all of it but that is often too damn complicated).

More than a year later, I am stronger than ever. I have convinced myself that I am a badass. So, I have started my social media, my internet presence over.

Jessica Sita was also an editor and often featured writer on Tipsy Lit which was an old site/blog/community from my brilliant friend, Ericka Clay. You can still access my posts from that era here. I wrote and published a chapbook of poetry which you can buy here. But what I am really proud of is my YA werewolf novella that I wrote and published: With Teeth. I would love if you checked out any of that.

This is me starting over but in order to do that, I also thought I needed to embrace my past. So hi, I am also Jessica Sita.


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