I am toying with the idea of restructuring, or actually just structuring  since this blog has no framework at all. I have many topics to write about and it makes my obsessive anxiety a little crazy to see it all mushy, even with categories and tags.

So let’s try this:

Mental Health Mondays
On Mondays, I will post about mental health. My past and current experiences with bipolar, severe depression, anxiety disorders, PTSD and other various sub-categories that plague my brain. I will also stick my Surviving Pregnancy series here because a lot of my struggle had to do with my brain.

Writer’s Wednesdays
All nonfiction posts about writing will go up on Wednesdays whether it’s advice, analytical, memoir . . .whatever.

Fuck-All Fridays
My “thoughts” posts will go up on Fridays. Here is where I wax poetic about the world, myself, my daughter, life/death etc.

Creative writing such as poems and flash fiction will probably get their own day as well as book reviews (when I can manage to find the time to read).

EDIT: Tuesdays shall be dubbed Tall-Tale Tuesdays and are for fiction pieces or poetry. UPDATE: i have decided “tale” should be “tail” because i am pun-ny. But I have yet to come up with a clever name for a day for book reviews. Got any ideas?

EditEdit: Sundays shall henceforth be known as Short N Sweet Sunday Reviews and is self explanatory.

But as I have explained, I suck massive at schedules and deadlines. The way I’m getting around this is, if I miss a day, I will not panic. And, for example, if I write a post about depression on Thursday, I will schedule it only for the following Monday. I dont actually plan on posting every theme every week, just keeping them on the same days. So, maybe we can get some actual semblance of organization around here.



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