Go Forth and Conquer, Fellow Mommies


There is a movement called Mommitment which is basically people everywhere taking a stand against mom-shaming. You know, that judging thing we do when we see a mom wiping her baby’s butt with Wal-Mart wipes instead of the latest organic brand. I don’t consider myself a “Mom Blog” but I do and will write about motherhood because it is a part of me. So, I pledge that I am a mom-shaming free zone.

Because let’s face it, unless you are physically, emotionally, or mentally harming your child it is none of my business to be up in your business.

Formula vs breast milk? Is your child fed and nourished? Ok then, go about your merry way.

McDonalds vs Non-GMO Organic? See above. Although I don’t understand how you can eat that crap. It all tastes like cardboard to me.

Home vs Public vs Private School? Will your child be able to get into college or get a good job? Carry on.

TV Saves My Sanity vs TV Rots the Brain? Religious vs Secular?  One child vs Siblings? Stay At Home vs Work?

Is your child happy? Are you happy?

Then go forth and conquer, fellow mommies.


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