On the Death of Duke


I was thinking about Duke today.

He was my second dog, a rescued chihuahua mutt who was as sweet as they come. He was my Emotional Service Animal if that tells you how tightly I clung to him.

On August 12th of this year he passed away. He was only five years old.

He had been chronically ill and was just getting worse. To this day we still don’t know exactly what was wrong other than it was neurological. Possibly a brain tumor. We spent thousands on his care. He repaid us with love. But he lost the fight.

As much as I wish he was still here I think…no, I know that he was taken at that time for an exact reason. My daughter was born a little over a month later. I had the chance to experience death intimately before I experienced giving life. Both are now more poignant. I had just enough time to freshly grieve (although I still do grieve) before the joy of my daughter would overwhelm me. And God knew how hard it would be on me to take care of a newborn and nurse a sick dog, my other child.

This may seem silly but that is why I have faith. I may not call myself religious. I may not follow the rules or the box you place other Catholics in. My faith may be but little but it’s there.


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