What’s with the Wolf Thing?


Horses are my favorite animal. But I have always felt that wolves were my spirit animal.

Strong. Independent but fiercely loyal to their pack. Night wanderers. I took the wolf on as a symbol and found power in it.

My first tattoo I had designed by a girl on DeviantArt called WildSpiritWolf. It was at least a year after having it designed that I actually got it inked. I took that plunge into permanent body modification after I said “no more,” after I left an emotionally abusive relationship.  That she-wolf marked a turning point in my life.

I was trying to come up with a title when I decided to pursue blogging again. I didn’t know if I wanted to write under my real or pen name so those were out. I attempted to come up with something creative as related to writing but I didn’t want to blog about writing exclusively. So I embraced my animal side.

You can also find me here on social media:

twitter: _shethewolf
instagram: _shethewolf


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