We’re All Mad Here

We are all crazy.

Every one of us is an absolute nutter. The only difference between people is our individual types of crazy.

Realizing this has made me a more tolerant person. I wish I could have discovered this in high school when my peers were divided into cliques, when the type of music you listened to could determine whether or not you hated somebody.  As an adult the world is still divided.  Differences in beliefs can start wars.

I wholly believe that what I think is right but what makes my truth more valid than anyone else’s?  If you are capable of stepping into another person’s shoes, you will find that their truths are no sillier or, yes, no crazier than your own.

So I have learned to love everyone. Mostly.

What I won’t tolerate? The toxic kind of crazy.

Controlling. Manipulative. Hateful. It has taken me thirty years to decide not to tolerate intolerance. I cut people out of my life without mercy these days.

With no regrets.


2 thoughts on “We’re All Mad Here

  1. I agree. We all have that bit of craziness in us. Just think how boring life would be. But I also have limits, cut out the controlling, manipulative and hateful people in our lives. That is not crazy that is plain inconsiderate .


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