But Why Blog?

But why do you even want to blog again?

That’s what my husband asked when I was talking about getting back in the game. It’s a valid question. It isn’t going to make me any money and the internet is over saturated with them. Besides the fact that hardly anyone has time to read a book let alone a blog.

My first point would be to market myself as a writer. Here is my little spot on the Web where you will be able to sample my writing, where you will be able to get to know the person behind the words. Where you will fall in love with my wit and syntax and as such will be stricken with anticipation for the release of my first traditionally published novel (or I can dream).

My second and honestly more important point would be because I have things to say. Twitter is too restrictive and facebook is not the right venue. Maybe no one will listen. I don’t give a flying sugar squirrel if no one does. I just have to let it out. Let it sit and stew in cyber space. And perhaps, maybe, you are reading this.

I am writing this blog for the one person out there who needed to hear what I had to say. Who needed the advice. Who needed to not feel so alone, so alien.

And you are worth it.


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